Love, Life and Epinephrine

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Love, Life and Epinephrine

My stethoscope touched the baby's chest, I leaned over to hear better... no heartbeat. I knew there was none but I just have to hear it for myself. Somehow in an ironic way, my heart beat became faster, i only I could give this patient as much heart action as I was having, I will. Well I know what happens next: chest compressions and cardiac massage follows. The resident then asked me to do a thing I dreaded most in code blues. She told me; "Ma'am, give him an Epi". Oh great, I told myself. Most nurses will roll their eyes because it's an easy thing to do... Not me... Not today. 

Weeks ago a patient of mine crashed, my head nurse asked for me to prepare Epi so in a state of panic I picked up the ampule and grabbed a T-syringe's plastic wrapper and broke the ampule as forcefully as I could to break it faster. Lo and behold, blood streaked through my thumb and i found the ampule broken into minute pieces in my thumb. What a sight! My patient is crashing and my thumb was hurting like hell. I needed to prepare another one despite my bleeding finger. Ampule after ampule, we tried to save the baby but sometimes even with the greatest effort a patient must go. 

Going back to the present, I stood and looked at the ampule. I was traumatized by what happened before and i just couldn't bring myself to break it again. I'm afraid to hurt myself but i don't have the whole day to stare at it and control it with my mind and say go ahead and be shattered on your own. But telekinetic power would be so useful at that time. 

So why am I telling you this? Because it boils down to everyday life lessons like facing our fears and overcoming obstacles. I am like that in love and people in general. I've been badly hurt and bruised numerous times already. That's why I am afraid to trust and be susceptible to self-damaging situations. But no matter how hard we try to avoid it, at the turn of the road we have to confront it even if we want to or not. Life will eventually shove it to our face. A time will come that we are forced to man up to the situation but all we can do is just stare long enough and be tired staring and start doing. We all know it's difficult and painful. But pain is good, it exposes us to things we don't know about ourselves. It's like a microscope of life enabling us to examine the smallest issues we tend to overlook. Fear on the other hand, magnifies our anxieties and reveals our vulnerability. We can either choose to be paralyzed or be freed from them. Sometimes we just need to get past our paranoia and just go for it. To be brave enough to push our limits and leave our comfort zones. Being hurt is sometimes good. It compels us to take a plunge and risk things even if it is uncomfortable because we know deep inside good things may spring from it. We may ask what ifs but we should also hope for the best 'coz most of the time it is for the best. 

So what's my ampule breaking lesson here? Don't use a syringe's wrapper to break ampules. hahaha! Kidding aside, we just need to loosen up and let go.. let life get to us sometimes. Some people or situations may let us down. Our only choice is to be strong enough to survive each break, who knows you might be saving yourself after all. As for the baby, after three shots of Epi he was revived again. He survived and I on the other hand, overcame my ampule trauma. So for the next code blues to come, I'll be there- your human ampule-breaker!

from Vietnam with love ( a repost)

One of my dreams is to squeeze and crawl inside the Cu Chi tunnels and relive the tactical strategies of the vietnamese during the war. I'm so glad my ate took me with her to this one of a kind adventure! hahaha! now, that's one item ticked off my bucket list! imagine nagkasya ako dun kahit na chabita ako.. hahah=p

Hhmm, so what's special about vietnam? besides me being more vigilant while crossing the streets... (grabeng dami naman kasi ang motorista dun! it'll take us almost 3-4 minutes bago makatawid!) haha feeling expert nako pagdating ng manila! kidding aside... the trip felt that i was transported to one of philippines' provinces. Saigon was such a small place yet full of flavor. Distinct from the usual places we went to; vietnam for me is a struggling country much like the Philippines but has a collective fervent passion in working its way towards being world class. I will not be surprised if they'd take over us a few years from now. From its people, to the places, to the food, and coffee they offer... Vietnam has a boldness you just can't ignore. Just by simply looking at their airport.. the shops and the way they speak... you could feel the vietnamese pride welling out.

They say simplicity is beauty and that is what MEKONG DELTA offers. Here you can witness the daily living of the locals. The westerners definitely enjoyed this one. Well, who could blame them? Against the hustle and bustle of the big city, this tour offers relaxation and laid back afternoons. We enjoyed a tea party complete with organic honey! yum!=) and went island hopping through seemingly F1 rowers.. hahaha! saya! Not only that! we get to taste their delicacies and even if they taste foreign on my tongue i sure do loved trying it especially the coconut candies. Ooohhh, and their coffee? well, they're one of the best! the civet coffee really has a rich flavor to it kahit na galing sa droppings ng civet cat. hahaha hindi mo na maiisip na galing sa pupu yun kasi masarap!!! (^^,) I saw westerners biking around the island as if going back to their childhood days. And i can't help thinking that they too would love the Philippines for that! kulang na nga lang hilain ko sila sa gilid at sabihin bumisita naman kayo sa amin...=)

Since I went to Cambodia i've been fascinated with Asian history all the more! and saigon being close to cambodia-- both had a connection. I learned more about their cultures and struggles as a country when i visited the WAR REMNANTS MUSEUM. I was teary eyed as i grazed upon pictures and anecdotes about the clash of America and Vietnam. My heart had been broken for hundreds of men who laid their life for their country. It even broke my heart more when i read Mr. Ho Chi Minh's speeches and how he uplifted each vietnamese to stand their ground and fight for their fellowmen! Although, it centered more on the sufferings of the vietnamese, an earlier visit to the CU CHI TUNNELS gave me a balanced take on both sides of the story.

Speaking of Mr. Ho Chi Minh, we we're privileged enough to witness local athletes paying respect to him and this was featured on national TV. Their admiration is still evident today. Deep in my mind I wondered, do we filipinos have the same hearts toward our heroes and leaders? Do we still carry in us the battle they so encouraged for us to wage on? Well, I hope we still do because we have so much to fight for.

Traveling for me (and for my sister too) is not just about leisure, sight- seeing or shopping... it is much more. For in it, my eyes are being opened to different perspectives and it never fails to widen my horizon. It exposes me to how the world looks at a much grander scale and it even takes me farther as it urges me to dig deep within and connect to my roots. As I travel and learn about new countries and cultures I learn more about the Philippines and how to be a filipino. When i go places, my heart always burns and it yells inside, I'm proud to be Pinoy!=) 

Huwag Turo ng Turo Baka Manuno

Ilang linggo na ang nakalipas mula ng maganap ang hostage sa Quirino Grandstand malamang karamihan sa atin nakalimutan o naisantabi na ang alaala na ito. Pero ako? Hindi. Ayokong alisin sa isip ko ang mga nangyari noong gabing ‘yon. Naaalala ko pa kung paano nabaha ng kumento ang facebook account ko. Ilang tao ang nadismaya nang mapanuod ang palpak na pagresponde ng kapulisan habang nanunuod ang buong mundo.

Tila isang bangungot ang gabing ‘yon. Napanuod natin on live TV ang repleksyon ng Pilipinas. Mabilis pa sa alas kwarto ng magalit at sisihin natin ang PNP, SWAT, Media at lahat ng otoridad na nakatalaga doon. Sa totoo lang, hindi ba natin nakita

ang mga sarili natin sa kanila? Hindi mo ba naisip na parang ikaw din si Capt. Mendoza− desperado at handang manakit ng ibang tao mabigyan lamang ng pagkakataon na maipaglaban ang gusto nyang mangyari? O ang SWAT na kulang sa training, mahina ang loob, walang kumpyansa sa sarili at mahina ang diskarte? Pwede din na tulad ng media na makukulit, hindi marunong sumunod sa dapat at ipinipilit ang gusto kahit na ikapahamak pa ng ibang tao. O ang mga lider na sumusubaysay sa malayo, maaring apektado pero detached at walang konkretong ginagawa? AKO YUN! IKAW YUN! TAYO YUN, kahit ano man ang reaksyon natin sa nangyari.

Magaling tayong magturo, magpasa ng responsibilidad pero ganun din naman tayo sa kanila. Sabi ng marami napaka-incompetent, palpak at duwag ang SWAT. Dapat mas mabilis, mas may inisyatibo, mas magaling at lahat pa ng “mas”… Madali

ng sabihin kasi hindi tayo yung nasa lugar nila. Pero, ikaw? Natanong mo na ba sa sarili mo kung competent ka? Kung deserving ka sa posisyon mo? Ekselente ka ba sa mga ginagawa mo at may panalong work ethic? O kagaya ka din ba ng karamihan na Akinse-atrenta lang ang nasa isip? Marami naman talaga sa atin na nakakulong pa din sa “bahala na” at “pwede na yan” na mga sistema. Huwag tayong magturo, tigilan na atin ang pagsisi sa kanila. Isipin mo muna kung ikaw ba sa sarili mo magaling at panalo na sa larangan mo. Isipin muna natin kung parte ba tayo ng solusyon o karagdagang pasanin at problema lang ng bansa.

Tama na ang pagkanya-kanya. Sama-sama tayong mag-isip ng mga paraan kung paano magiging mas mabuting mamamayan. Tama na ang pag-iisip natin sa sarili natin at sa ating pamilya lamang. Huwag nating limitahan ang sarili natin sa paggawa ng mga bagay na tayo lang ang may pakinabang. Liitan natin ang tingin sa ating mga sariling ginhawa para lumawak ang kaisipan at maging bukas ang pag-iisip sa pagpasan ng responsibilidad na mas pagbutihin ang pagiging Pilipino para sa Pilipinas.

Ang pagiging Pilipino ay hindi sala sa lamig, sala sa init. Masaya at ipinagmamalaki mo ang lahi mo ‘pag nanalo si Manny Pacquiao at may major major success sa Ms. Universe. Pero halos gusto mo ng lamunin ng lupa at itakwil ang pagka-pinoy noong may Ampatuan massacre, stampede, mga nahuhulog na bus at kapag may hostage taking. Ayaw mo man ng kulay mo o ng mga nangyayari sa bansa natin… PILIPINO ka pa din. Pilipino pa din ako. At hindi pwedeng wala tayong gawin para makatulong sa ikabubuti nito. Sa libro ni F. Sionil Jose na PO-ON, tanong ng tauhan na si Istak kay Apolinario Mabini: “Bakit ba ako makikialam sa mga taong hindi parte ng buhay ko, o walang mga nagawa para sa akin? Mayroon akong sariling lupa na inaayos ko. Ang responsibilidad ko ay hindi para sa lupang tinatawag mong Pilipinas. Walang bansa ang magmamay-ari ng aking oras o katapatan. At kung para sa Diyos, napagsilbihan ko Sya sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng mabuti sa aking kapwa…” Ang sagot ng Dakilang Lumpo: Gawin mo ito dahil kung wala ang bansa, wala ka din. Ang lupang kinatatayuan mo at pinagkukunan mo ng pupuno sa mga pangangailangan mo ay ang nanay na pinagkakaitan mo. Sa kanya babaling ang iyong isipan kahit na ayaw mo; dahil dito ka ipinanganak, dito nakatira ang mahal mo sa buhay at malamang dito rin kayo mahihimlay. Mahalin at protektahan natin sya; tayong lahat− Bisaya, Tagalog, Ilokano, maraming pulo, maraming tribo− dahil kapag kumilos tayo ng sama-sama, tayo’y magiging malakas at sunod doon sya rin ay lalakas. Hindi ko na hihilingin na mahalin mo ang Pilipinas, pinakikiusapan kita na gawin ang tama… gawin ang iyong tungkulin." Tama ang manunulat, wala ng iba pang aayos ng bansa natin kundi tayo rin dahil responsibilidad natin ito sa ayaw man natin o gusto.

Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Kailangan nating matuto sa mga leksyon ng nakaraan. Simulan natin sa mga pang-araw-araw na gawain. Magkaroon tayo ng malasakit sa kapwa. Maiiwasan pa natin ang mga trahedyang. Naniniwala akona nagsisimula pa lang ang lakbayin ng Pilipinas at hindi ako papahuli sa byahe tungo sa magandang bukas nito.

* Ang sipi na ginamit ay galing sa Libro ng paborito kong manunulat na si F. Sionil Jose na pinamagatang PO-ON pahina 214. Nakasulat yun sa ingles na isinalin ko lang sa tagalog. Ang litratong ginamit ay hindi ko pagmamay-ari.*

When Desperation Calls

I have lost a job before and somehow I understand Capt. Mendoza’s sentiments during the standoff. It’s not easy losing something very important to you much more something you worked for practically your whole life. A job isn’t just work− it is a statement of duty, a symbol of stability and a source of family income. It was being a policeman that defined him so being called off, essentially broke the man down. I couldn’t blame him for being depressed over that because it meant losing food on the table and more than anything throwing away years of service. There he was asking his case to be reviewed and the verdict be substantially proven. Surely, he was fighting for something really valuable to him. He believed his cause so well that he gave in to doing extreme measures. I get that ‘coz as they say, “desperate times, call for desperate measures”. I’m aware of the pain, the personal struggles and perhaps the damaged reputation. But what I don’t understand is how desperate can we really get to have our issues come across?

A lot of questions swim in my mind. Didn’t he have a strong support system? Did his ego suffer such a blow that it uncontrollably plummeted downhill? Hadn't he thought of better ways to have authorities reconsider his case? Didn’t he have enough convictions, “non-negotiables” or ideals to hold him back from doing what he did? Of course, all my answers will simply boil down to: I don’t know.

But what I do know is that there are a number of things that can hold us back from going berserk and dumping reason over emotions during fits of desperation. We have the basic list: family, friends, our dreams, our reputation and a lot more. But there are two more which are innate and I believe more potent than anything else I mentioned above.

Before being a policeman or in my case; a nurse, first and foremost we are FILIPINOS. Scratch the labels off, lay aside the positions and tear the uniforms apart− your profession doesn’t entirely define who you are. Beneath all the layers we are kayumanggis. What we do as policemen, nurses, engineers, teachers or what have you’s doesn’t just represent us as a person; we are collectively representing a profession. The quality of work we produce represents who we are as a people and as a race. I believe each one of us belongs to the grandest scale of things. According to one saying, we can only be as great as the lowest of our kind. What one Filipino does directly and indirectly affects all of us. We are connected by blood and by the inheritance of this land.

I am so heartbroken that Mr. Mendoza overlooked the consequences of his actions. He failed to foresee the misrepresentation of the country and the burden he left his countrymen to bear. I guess this is why we must have our being a Filipino intact in all of us. Our sense of nationalism can prevent us from being rash with our actions and decisions. It helps broaden our understanding that whatever we do can polish or tarnish the name of the Philippines.

Suppose being a Filipino isn’t enough then shouldn’t being a Christian suffice to clear his thoughts and influence his decisions? The Philippines being the “only Christian nation in Asia” has strong sense of values and morals. I would like to believe that every family adapts these to their own. The Ten Commandments also says: “thou shall not kill…” and even if he wasn’t a Christian this is a basic principle in life.

Maybe he was so consumed by his situation that he blindly succumbed to making the wrong decision. Whatever pushed him to do so must probably be hard to resist for him. Indeed, rage and injustice can sometimes make us irrational.

This is a classic example on how many of us lose the right perspective when faced with impossible problems. This is what happens when we turn inward, pity ourselves and close our minds to possibilities. We become too saturated by what we want that we forget thinking twice before committing something we would regret in the future. I wish we could all grow up and learn to hold tight to reason and principles as we would with our emotions.

However we choose to stand in this we can never turn back the time. We can only choose to move forward but in doing so, we should never forget. We as a people have selective amnesia; we don’t remember the tragic things. Sadly, we lose the memories and with it the lessons too.

* A very late post. The pictures used in the blog belong to its respective owners.*

May Bagong Umagang Alay Sa'yo

Isa na naman itong Hamon sa ating LAHI. Handa ba nating tayaan at tayuan ito? Wala ng ibang lilinis sa pangalan ng Pilipinas kungdi tayong mga simpleng Pilipino. Hindi man natin kayang burahin... sama-sama nating tubusin ang karangalan ng bansa. Oo nga at maraming namatay, dugong dumaloy at luhang iniiyak. Ang totoo, hindi lang naman ang mga chino ang biktima dito pero tayo ding mga Pilipino. Biktima tayo ng mga maling pag-iisip, maling takbuhin ng puso at maling sistema. Pero hindi dahilan ang pagiging biktima para manatili tayong ganito. Huwag nating ikulong ang ating mga sarili at huwag tayong tumigil o makuntento sa mga bulok na pamamaraan. Kumilos tayo at palayain natin ang mga utak at puso nating nakagapos pa din sa ideya ng kolonyalismo.

Hindi lang din sila ang namatayan, namatay din ang mga pagkakataong maaari nating maipakita ang kagandahan ng Pilipinas. Ilang taon na naman ang bubunuin natin para hanguin ang ating mga sarili sa pagka-sadlak. Ngunit walang buhay, dugo at luha ang dapat masayang. Kailangan nating gumising at matuto. Gawing leksyon ang nangyari para bumawi sa mga nasawi. Gawing oportunidad ang mga nangyari para suriin kung saan tayo nagkulang at nagkamali.

Saan ba tayo magsisimula at paano? Sa tingin ko, ang tanging magagawa natin ay maging pinakamagagaling sa ating mga larangan, maging positibong ehemplo, maging "panalo" na PILIPINO. Utang natin ito sa kanilang mga naagrabyado ngunit higit sa lahat utang natin ito sa ating mga sarili. Hindi mahalaga kung ilang tao ang panghahawakan ang responsibilidad na ito pero isa-isa man kapag pinagsama may mabuting maibubunga pa rin. Maaring isiping madilim at imposible ang tatahakin nating daan para maibalik ang narumihang dangal ng Pilipinas pero alam ko na mapagtatagumpayan natin ang laban na ito. Mahirap kung sa mahirap pero walang mahirap na bagay kung para sa mas malaking larawan.

Pinapanalangin at pinapangarap kong dumating ang araw na ang tingin ng iba ay mabago, na kapag sinabing Pilipinas ang papasok sa isip nila... ito yung bansa at lahing pinakamahusay sa mundo. Sa tulong ng Diyos, alam ko darating yung araw na iyon. Kahit kalunos-lunos ang mga nangyari hindi ako titigil sa pag-asa at paniniwala sa kakayahan ng mga pinoy na umangat! May pag-asa pa! Marami pa ang dapat gawin at yan ay sisimulan natin! *jaiche082310*


Meet the Hypes

Alam ko na most of the time, seryoso ako magblog pero ngayon, I want to share personal light- hearted stories about my life. Natuwa kasi ako sa conversation ko with a fellow blogger and favorite dutymate-- Bruce. We talked about being nurses, past experiences and family. Kaya heto, hayaan nyo akong magkwento about my family.

Sabi nga nila, all families are dysfunctional and I could say mine is not perfect, but I love them to bits nonetheless. We are five in the family: Papa, Mama, Ate, ako at ang bunso na si Burti. Five different personalities in one home, as expected may konting rumble minsan lalo na pag sabay sabay na nagka-S or sumpong kung tawagin namin.

Nandyan si itay na maghapong nakaupo sa harap ng PC at walang sawang naglalaro ng NBA at Call of Duty. O dba? In na in at bagets na bagets! Minsan pag maganda ang mood, sumisimple ng punchlines si itay para makisabay sa harutan naming tatlo. Pero wag ka! May hidden talent yan, kahit tawang tawa na sya, hindi sya tatawa. At effective ah! Minsan nga gusto ko sya biruin na: “Pa, kaya mo bang kantahin ang theme song ng BEAM toothpaste ng hindi nagsa-smile? Malamang magagawa nya un without a doubt! Hahahaha!

Madalas si mama ang tampulan ng jokes sa bahay at kahit napipikon na sya proud ako na hindi na siya minsan umaalma. Nakalyo na yata sa laging pagpupuna namin ni ate sa mga matitigas na English nya gaya ng: HamBURjer, Cheter (theater), Treysurer (treasurer) at kung ano-ano pa! Natatawa ako pag naaalala ko ang mga linya nya. Mahilig din yun mag-binyag ng mga bagay-bagay. May sarili syang vocabulary words. Sabi nga namin ni ate para syang taxonomist. Eto sample: Bata= tarangkitong, Foreman= poorman, Engineer= Gingineer (dahil manginginom yung engineer na gumawa ng bahay) at marami pang iba. Bilib ako sa tibay ng loob ni mama kahit naghahagalpakan na kami sa katatawa sa mga bloopers nya! Nung nag-Tour kami sa Hongkong may nakita syang magandang puno kaya tinanong nya yung guard:

Mama: Mister, excuse me, is this true? (with matching hawak hawak sa mga dahon…)

Guard: (with a puzzled- “nosebleed” look) Sorry, what?

Mama: The tree is it true?!

Tawa kami ng tawa ni ate.. Naku, mama it’s false! Hahahaha Sobrang classic ng moment na yun! Ibig nya kasi sabihin, totoo ba yung puno? Is it real? Hahahaha

Teka, baka isipin nyo masyado namin pinupuna si mama.. Hindi naman sadyang nakakaaliw lang tlga sya and we respect her for all the things she did for the family.. Walang Kapalit ang mga moms dba?:)

Si ate at ako? Well, kami ang mga dakilang alaskador sa bahay. Masaya kami ‘pag nagbabarahan at nagkukulitan. Pero siguro sa aming dalawa mas maingay, makulit, maharot at magulo yata ako. Kaya naman madalas ako yung napapagalitan kasi hindi ako natitigil tumawa pag nasimulan ko na. Nakakahawa ang mga malakas na tawa namin pero wag ka, walang effect yan kay papa.. O akala lang siguro namin yun deep inside natatawa din sya.

Which brings me to my youngest brother.. Yan ang audience ko! Sya ang masugid na taga-tawa ko sa mga hirit kong out of the blue. Sya din bukod kay mama ang madalas kong asarin at pagplanuhan ng aking pranks.. hahaha! Ako parati ang mastermind ng kalokohan sa bahay… tsk! Pero ganun pa man kahit medyo pikon pa sya (syempre bata eh) love na love ko yun kasi sweet na bata si burti kahit paano. Pero madalas nakakaloka ang tantrums nya.

Father’s day noon and we planned to celebrate it by having dinner at a restaurant. Sabi ni itay, kain tayo sa Max’s. Sabi naman ni Burti, mamya na maglalaro muna ko ng Xbox. Ayaw pumayag ni papa kya naman nagtampo ang bata at nagtantrums. Sabi ko, akala ko ba father’s day ngayon? Bakit naging Burti’s day na?! hahaha Sabi ni mama tara, kumain na muna tayo at mamaya ka na maglaro. Pero nag-insist sya na maglaro at hindi na kumibo.. Sabi ko kay mama: Ma, hindi naman pla father’s day ngayon Burti’s day talaga eh.. hahah Sya kasi ang nasusunod. Nagalit si itay at nag-walk out, hindi na kami nakapag-dinner. Syempre stressed kaming lahat kasi may namumuong sama ng panahon dala ng bagyong Burti at ni itay. Galit si itay habang nag-da-drive, badtrip kasi gutom na at dahil nangibabaw ang gusto ni bunsoy. Pag dating ng bahay, tinawag ni itay si burti. Anak, halika nga dito. Embrace tayo!!!

Waaaaah! Halos gumuho ang mundo namin ni mama! Hahaha matapos ang tantrums, eksena sa mall at matapos nila kaming i-istress.. happy ending din naman pla ang drama ng dalawa. Sakit sa bangs. Tapos...

Naalala ko one time, Valentine’s nun nag-sm fairview kami. May nakita akong guy na may dalang flowers. Ang ganda nung bouquet. Sabi ko sana may magbigay sakin...

ang sweet-sweetan kong kapatid sabi:

ate ako na lang... sabay lapit sa flower stand ang mokong tingin tingin ng flowers

at bumalik..

sabi ko: o,nasan na ung flowers ko?

sabi nya: ang mahal ate eh... akala ko 50 pesos lang. happy valentine's na lang!

pinaasa ako sa wala! Wahahahaha na-touch pa naman ako..pero ok na din. It’s the thought that counts.

Ayan, exclusive never before published take on the daily hustle of the Hype’s residence. Lahat kami may kabaliwan pero at the end of the day, we are all family. Madalas kasi we don't get to appreciate the people around us specially our folks. We all tend to focus on the negatives and not on the goodness of each one. Here goes to my funky and funny family--the family that laughs together, farts together! Haha joke lang! Syempre stays together!(^^,) Ikaw, gaano ka-weird ang pamilya mo?:)

Empty Places..

A month ago, while watching Bandila Ces Drilon’s Introduction was: “bagong, bagong balita 187,000 Registered Nurses walang trabaho.” My instant reaction was: “Duh, anong bago doon”?! Well maybe the figures ballooned out of proportion. As we all know since 2006, there has been an increase in the number of unemployed Registered Nurses in the country due to the apparent need of nurses abroad. Alongside with this, there was an obvious mushrooming of nursing schools too. Needless to say, we’ve produced a huge number of nurses more than we can handle.

Despite of hospitals being understaffed there are still no vacancies to be filled. Blame it on the tight budget and the undying “kakilala system”. Moreover, there’s also limited opportunities overseas due to most countries’ recession. *Sigh* All of these has been going on for years and yet the government hasn’t made any concrete way to alleviate much less solve the existing problem. Had they foreseen the consequences they’d perhaps consider regulating the number of students and shutting down low performing schools. Little did they know that the vast number of Nursing graduates we have will soon add up to the rising unemployment rate in the country.

On a broader sense, I personally believe that this is not just a problem to be solved by the government but the society as a whole. This indeed is a reflection of our myopic views as a people. We all tend to choose the easy way out. We all cut corners and dish the hard unbeaten paths. Nursing during the past years was seen as a lifesaver as it leads to open doors of opportunity abroad. Easy money and practicality took over dreams.

What does it take to tap into the interests of the youth? Is it hard to convince them to take a plunge to their dreams and abandon the call of the crowd? Does fulfillment come from luxuries and wealth or does it well from realizing one’s full potential? A wise man once said: “if you’re in the wrong place then your right place is empty.” Would be scientists, engineers, architects, teachers, writers or what have you-- all turned their backs and decide to be someone they’re not.

It is not a simple issue of unemployment but persuading the youth to take up something they don’t really have a heart into is a welcome invitation to lost of other competitive professionals. I can foresee a Philippines lacking great men in other important fields. At present, a lot of skills are under utilized, leanings undiscovered and most of all dreams unrealized. This indeed is a multi-factorial problem and no instant remedy can fix it. I believe it will take an awful lot of time before all these are resolved. Until people are lured to money, prestige and the American dream; there will be young minds forced to abandon their goals and settle for what is in demand. Only to realize that dreams thrown at the backseat are the true tickets to real success.

It breaks my heart to see young student nurses who are still naïve to the challenges that lay ahead of them. Then again, I still have hope that we all could learn much about this. It really is after all a simple principle- an excess of anything equates to a deficiency of something.